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Hi there! I'm Kate.

Art has always been an important part of my life. I was barely walking when my father caught me drawing hundreds of smiley faces on our apartment walls one day. Since then, I’ve been drawing, painting and DIY-ing anything I can. To creating eye-catching posters for school events, to helping with several murals in my local elementary school while there and beyond. I’ve taken painting classes from local artists such as Clarence Osmond and Susy Randell and started teaching my own in 2018.

Last July, I purchased a Wacom drawing tablet and began learning how to use Adobe Illustrator. I realized I absolutely love digital art and design. I did a cartoon doodle of myself for fun and posted it to my Facebook page. A few days later, I had a handful of custom cartoon orders to do. Since then, I created @katefudgeart, my local art business and I’ve done more than 250 custom cartoon orders. I’ve even revitalized the Pasadena Elementary logo this past year and painted seasonal windows for Pasadena Foodland for the past three years. I've worked on other art projects as collaborations with Town of Pasadena, Wright's Family Farm, CBS Craft Fairs, Big Brother Canada's Sam & Adam, and more! Besides that, I’ve done logos for friends, taught kids evening art classes and made and sold earrings and prints at local craft fairs. Follow my pages @katefudgeart to keep up with what I'm up to.

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